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Fox and Friends Features the DynamicRangeX1: Meet your outdoor adventure game-changer

If you've been watching Fox News lately, chances are you've caught a glimpse of Chip Wade introducing the latest shooting range game-changer: the Dynamic Range X1.

Yep, that's right – it recently made its TV debut, and here’s what you need to know if you’re an avid outdoor enthusiast.

Whether you're an adrenaline junkie, a nature fiend, or simply someone who loves to explore, the Dynamic Range X1 is here to take your outdoor adventures to the next level. From target shooting to dynamic scenarios, this innovative gear is your ticket to endless excitement and unforgettable memories.

Gear up for adventure: Introducing Dynamic Range X1’s key features

Moving Target: Challenge your shooting skills with lifelike moving targets, adding an extra layer of excitement to your outdoor sessions.

Portability: Designed for on-the-go fun, the Dynamic Range X1 is lightweight and easy to assemble, making it the perfect companion for all your outdoor escapades, be it during a backyard barbecue or a wilderness trip.

Versatility: Well-loved by law enforcement and families alike, this portable target is used for serious applications like police training, just as much as it’s used for family recreation by kids using pellet guns and even NERF guns!

For some serious training, check out the new X1 Plus. It has double the power and speed, plus we have an ongoing pre-order sale.

Uninterrupted Fun: With its modular design and easily replaceable parts, the Dynamic Range X1 ensures minimal downtime and maximum enjoyment. So go ahead, train as hard as you can - we’ve got your back.

From thrilling shooting challenges to customizable scenarios, the Dynamic Range X1 is your ticket to an unforgettable outdoor shooting range experience. Gear up, step outside, and take your Dynamic Range X1 with you!


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