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Stagnant Targets Lead to Stagnant Skills 


Train like you mean it with the Dynamic Range X1


Is your training challenging enough? Ignite your accuracy and agility with the world's first customizable and transportable target system. The Dynamic Range X1 empowers you to program your target's movement pattern and speed. So you can mimic real-world situations, engage unpredictable targets, and strengthen your ability to perform in any scenario.  


With endless motion sequence possibilities, The Dynamic Range X1 keeps novices, experts, and teams creative – and capable. Supercharge your precision with Moving Target Mode. Or put your readiness and adaptability to the test with Random Distance Mode. But don't waste time resetting targets. This industry-leading system ensures your sessions are efficient and focused by enabling you to retrieve and adjust your target in seconds. 


The Dynamic Range X1 is perfect for shooters of all abilities – whether you're conditioning for sport, training to protect your community, or looking to give your instructional facility a competitive edge.   


✓ Veteran-Owned ✓ Warranty-Backed ✓ Satisfaction Guaranteed


The Details

🎯Key Features:

  • Rapid assembly (<15 minutes) 

  • Lightweight design (4.75 lb)

  • Reliable battery life (2+ hrs)

  • Variable speeds (up to 7 ft/sec)

  • Low-cost replacement parts

  • Unmatched product support

  • 60-day money-back guarantee

  • 1-year manufacturer warranty


🛠️What’s Included:

  • 2 corrugated plastic target sheets (18x32 in)

  • 1 LCD remote with standard range (200 m)

  • 1 spool of high-quality paracord (110 m)

  • 1 target mounting bracket + 1 replacement bracket

  • 1 CamJam, including hook, pulley, and tensioner

  • 1 Li-ion battery, 1 9V battery, and 1 charger

  • Comprehensive instruction manual

  • All necessary hardware for assembly


💪Available Upgrades and Add-Ons:


Dynamic Range X1

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