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Our journey began when we realized a significant gap in the field of firearms training. Traditional static target training fell short in preparing shooters for real-world scenarios where threats are seldom stationary. Similar dynamic systems existed in military applications, but they were prohibitively expensive and built into multi-million dollar range complexes. Moreover, their complexity of operation typically required a dedicated staff to run them. These limitations left a vast majority of shooters without access to this critical training resource.

This realization led to the creation of Dynamic Range X1 - a revolutionary, accessible, and user-friendly training system designed to transform the way you practice your shooting skills.

The Dynamic Range X1 isn't just a product; it's our commitment to enhancing your training efficiency, accuracy, and overall shooting experience. By replicating genuine scenarios, our system prepares you for whatever life throws at you - whether you're a hunter gearing up for the next big game, a law enforcement or military professional maintaining readiness for duty, or a responsible citizen looking to protect yourself and your family.

Meet the Team

We are a small, veteran-owned family business dedicated to providing top-quality products for shooting enthusiasts.

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Owner / Proprietor

Tyler Sangster

Tyler has a 12-year background as an electrical and mechanical engineer in the army. During his service, he was a member of national and international shooting teams.

He is the American-Canadian owner of Sangster Engineering, the parent company of Dynamic Range X1. 

Image by Stephanie Liverani

Business Operations Assistant

Cora Vergara

Cora manages all of the admin and customer service needs of the company. 

Need assistance with your invoice or have other inquiries? Email her at

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Photographer / All-Around Problem Solver

Lucas Sangster

Much like Tyler, Lucas takes care of anything and everything that needs to get done for the company. 

He's also Tyler's brother. 

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Marketing Manager

Diane Mendoza

Diane takes care of all things digital marketing for the company. Be it email, social media, promos and, even this website - she's got it covered. 

Want to become an affiliate partner? Email her at

Man with Wooden Background

Production Technician

Luke Ward

Everything you order on the website goes through Luke's watchful eye. 

He is in charge of production, packing, and shipment. 

Image by Irene Strong

Production Intern

Chandler Campbell

Chandler is our summer intern. He is currently in uni, and on his way to becoming an engineer by 2026. 

Got ideas that can be added to the X1? Shoot him a message at

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