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This is an exploded view of the Dynamic Range X1, showcasing the advanced components that enable its versatile functionalities as a target retrieval system and moving target system. Each component is clearly labeled, highlighting the design precision and thoughtfulness that goes into making the Dynamic Range X1 an innovative solution for dynamic shooting practices. From tensioning systems to battery packs, each part plays a role in enabling seamless shooting experiences, transforming static shooting ranges into dynamic practice environments.

Target Carriage Parts 

Detailed exploded view of the Dynamic Range X1's remote control, displaying the meticulous design behind the device that controls this advanced target retrieval and moving target system. Each part is accurately labeled, illustrating the complexity and precision engineering that allows users to easily switch between modes and control target movement. This remote is the key to transforming any shooting range into a dynamic training environment.

Remote Parts 

An in-depth exploded view of the Dynamic Range X1's innovative rope tensioning system. This image showcases the meticulously engineered components that facilitate seamless target retrieval and moving target functionality at varying distances. Each part is clearly labeled, demonstrating the intricacy of the system that maintains perfect line tension during operation. A vital element in transforming a regular shooting range into an interactive and dynamic training space.

Rope System Parts 

Special Offers

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