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Looking to make your shooting range setup more permanent? Our Metal Wire Cable Kit is just what you need. 


This kit includes: 

  • 200ft 1/8" vinyl-coated, stainless steel wire cable
  • Pulley changing tool 
  • Replacement pulleys designed for the cable
  • 20pcs M3 Thimble 
  • 20pcs M3 Aluminum sleeve
  • 10pcs M3 Wire rope cable clip
  • 4pcs M5 Turnbuckle Tensioners 
  • 2pcs M5 Clips 
  • 10pcs 65mm M5 Sheep eye screw hook
  • 10pcs M5 Plastic anchors 
  • 2pcs M6 Expansion hooks 
  • 1pc Socket wrench 
  • 1pc Tape measure 
  • 10pcs Black tent pegs 


Make your shooting range the best it can be with gear that's built to last!

Metal Wire Cable Kit (L-7)

SKU: L-7
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