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Guide to the Moving Target Remote Controls for the Dynamic Range X1

Elevate your shooting practice with the Dynamic Range X1's innovative Moving Target Mode. This mode brings a layer of challenge to your sessions, simulating real-world unpredictability. Below, we break down the easy steps to get you started:

1. Initial Setup: First, ensure the target carriage is on the line, and the target is set up appropriately.

Dynamic Range X1's Moving Target Mode remote-controlled system set up and in standby, ready for training sessions.

2. Power Up: Turn on both your remote and the target.

Powering on the Dynamic Range X1 system for Moving Target Mode activation.

3. Finding the Centre Point: Use your remote's positive (+) and negative (-) buttons to adjust the position. Move left and right until you locate the center point. This is essential as the center point determines the starting point for the target movement.

Selecting the center point of movement on the Dynamic Range X1's Moving Target Mode using the remote

4. Engaging Moving Target Mode: Press the 'M' button on your remote to activate Moving Target Mode. Your remote will prompt you to specify a maximum distance. For our example, we'll select 5 meters. Your remote will display "Max distance equals 5 meters" and confirm it's in Moving Target Mode. The target will then begin its dynamic movement.

Pressing the Moving Targ Mode button on the Dynamic Range X1 remote.

Adjusting the maximum movement distance on the Dynamic Range

Dynamic Range X1 remote screen displaying that a max distance of 5 meters has been selected for Moving Target Mode.

Dynamic Range X1 remote screen indicating it is actively in Moving Target Mode.

5. Wrapping Up: Press the zero button when you've completed your training session and wish to stop the Moving Target Mode. The target will smoothly return to its original starting position.

Are you interested in exploring more features of the Dynamic Range X1, or need more assistance? Head to our official website,, for comprehensive guides, FAQs, and more.

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