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SafeShot Target Extensions: Finally, A Way to HandleThat One Bad Shot in the Friend Group

The Situation: “My friend is a lousy shot“

“So what happens when the new guy hits the moving piece?”

“How much do replacement parts cost when a student yanks one?”

“With my luck, I'd shoot the device or the line in the first shot and destroy it.”

We see these comments and questions every day, and it’s about time we address the elephant in the room: the durability of the Dynamic Range X1.

Our system is built for mobility and speed, while it is durable a direct shot can damage it. This is why we’ve made our replacement parts affordable and accessible for every X1 owner.

For example, a full set of plastic components can be replaced for under $30, which is often cheaper than a single box of ammo. This ensures that maintenance costs remain low, allowing range owners to keep their systems in top condition without breaking the bank.

Our Solution: Wood

We recently collaborated with a customer from Dallas who proposed a brilliant idea:

What if the target could be lowered away from its carriage with wood strips, minimizing damage to the Dynamic Range X1 system?

We put this idea to the test, and the results were impressive.

After conducting a few experiments, we discovered that by utilizing two 2-inch by 2-foot strips of 1/4-inch plywood, we could effectively lower the target by almost 3 feet from its carriage.

The DIY Prototype for SafeShot Target Extensions

This modification had no adverse effects on the performance or functionality of the Dynamic Range X1. Targets could still be controlled remotely, and shooters could continue to train with precision and accuracy. With the lowered targets directly out of the line of fire, this saves the unit from wayward shots and unintentional damage.

If you can DIY this, you definitely should, but if you’d rather buy the attachment, you can get it in our store now for only $11.99 USD.

At a very low price, the SafeShot Target Extensions will help keep your target system safe.

A Practical Solution for Public Range Owners

Range owners often face the challenge of catering to a wide range of customers with varying skill levels. Not to mention maintaining match flow during a competition, while addressing any damage to targets caused by errant shots.

Extending the target mount just makes more sense; it’s safer, more cost-effective, and saves time from doing repairs.

Share the X1 with Your Buddies

You can now start inviting that one bad shot in the friend group again without worrying about your X1 system.

We want Dynamic Range X1 shooters to train confidently, knowing they're utilizing a durable, adaptable, and versatile range system designed to meet their needs. And much like our product, we’ll keep innovating to fulfill your shooting desires.

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Is the system strong enough to carry steel gong targets? Also, is the system weather-proof/resistant?

I’d like to use this in an outdoor range, but I worry about durability, weather, and ability to use steel instead of just punching holes in paper targets.

Replying to

Hi Toby, The system can't handle the weight of steel targets; it's designed for paper and cardboard targets only.

However, we did some testing for a guy who wanted to use the system for PRS22 using a small 6-inch gong and the weight seemed to be fine. The weight that we’ve tested for him was 1.8lb. Here is the video:

The system also isn't weatherproof as it's designed to be portable and easy to setup, but most of our customers use their ranges outdoors. They may keep a semi-permanent setup by keeping the paracord line tethered at all times, but taking the system indoors after every session. Hope that helps -Diane, Marketing Manager, DynamicRangeX1

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