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Precision Training, Anytime, Anywhere

Bored of Static Targets? Elevate your training with the first dynamic, transportable shooting range system.

Dynamic Range X1
Dynamic Range X1

The Original - Dynamic Range X1 lets you program your target's movement pattern and speed. So you can mimic real-world situations, engage unpredictable targets, and strengthen your ability to perform in any scenario.  

🎯Key Features:

  • Accelerates at 0.8 ft/sec^2

  • Variable speeds (up to 7 ft/sec)

  • Remote range of 200m​

Dynamic Range X1 Plus
X1 Plus - Side -- Final.png

The Upgrade  - The Dynamic Range X1 Plus has everything its predecessor has and more. The X1 Plus is bigger, faster, and more powerful - made for the more experienced shooter. 

🎯Key Features:

  • Accelerates 2x faster than the original (2.1 Ft/Sec^2)

  • Variable speeds (up to 10ft/Sec)

  • Remote range of 450m

  • Record and play back movement patterns 

Training hard? 

Add-on our affordable X1 Replacement Parts Kit to guarantee uninterrupted training sessions.

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Untitled (1280 × 620 px).png
Untitled (1280 × 620 px).png
Animated image illustrating the Dynamic Range X1 in action, specifically focusing on the moving target mode, showcasing its dynamic adaptability and advanced training capabilities.

Shoot Moving Targets

Engage with unpredictable moving targets and enhance your shooting skills.

Animated image demonstrating a shooter engaging with the Dynamic Range X1 in retrieval mode, emphasizing the system's ease of use and efficient target recovery capabilities.

Retrieve Targets 

Forget about manually resetting targets. Adjust and retrieve them with ease.

Wireframe image showcasing the Dynamic Range X1's remote control featuring a clear LCD screen and robust antenna for reliable control and real-time tracking of your training sessions.

Control Your Shooting Scenario

Inject creativity into your training with our unique, customizable shooting range scenarios.

Image of simple hand tools signifying the easy and quick assembly of the Dynamic Range X1, designed for convenient setup and start to your personalized shooting sessions.

Quick Assembly

Set up the only transportable dynamic range system in under 15 minutes.

Wireframe illustration showcasing the user-friendly part replacement process for the Dynamic Range X1, emphasizing its versatility and adaptability to suit various training needs.

Easy-to-Replace and Low-Cost Parts

Quick and cost-effective replacements for shot or damaged components.

Amplify Your Training Efficiency

Stop wasting time resetting your targets. With the Dynamic Range X1, enjoy unparalleled efficiency in your range sessions. Adjust and retrieve targets effortlessly, focusing more on your training, and less on the setup.

Enhance Accuracy with Lifelike Moving Targets

Supercharge your accuracy with the Dynamic Range X1, designed for your real-world performance. No more static practices - immerse yourself in lifelike scenarios that replicate genuine threats. Elevate your aim by engaging with moving targets, refining your speed and precision. With the Dynamic Range X1, you're not just improving, you're becoming an expert.

Tailor-Made Training for Unique Shooting Experiences

Your training should be as unique as you are. With the Dynamic Range X1, shape your sessions around your personal objectives and aspirations. From preparing for a big hunt, to serving in the military or law enforcement, to fostering preparedness for unexpected circumstances as a responsible citizen, you customize your scenario. Every drill is different, ensuring your training remains fresh, engaging, and most importantly, beneficial. Your journey to becoming a more decisive, resilient, and agile marksman starts with the Dynamic Range X1.

Quality assurance badge showcasing our commitment to quality with the Dynamic Range X1. Signifies our 1-year manufacturer warranty, highlighting our confidence in the product's longevity and reliability
Trust badge graphic providing assurance of a 100% satisfaction guarantee with our Dynamic Range X1. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our 60-day money-back guarantee policy.
Trust badge graphic emphasizing that the Dynamic Range X1 is a unique, cutting-edge product with a patent currently pending, indicating our commitment to innovation and quality in shooting training technology
Comprehensive product photograph displaying all components included with the Dynamic Range X1, illustrating the completeness of the system for an immersive, customizable shooting training experience.
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Image depicting the combined Canadian and American flags, symbolizing the unity of our veteran-owned business across borders. This visual embodies our commitment to support our military community and provide quality shooting range equipment to both Canadian and American customers.

Relied upon by military and law enforcement agencies, endorsed by professional shooters and firearms instructors, and chosen by hunting and shooting sports enthusiasts around the globe.

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